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Battle Cry 2023 at WPI


Battlecry is another opportunity for our team to let loose and have fun. That being said, we let everyone have their chance at the wheel. A different drive team every match, mentors finally making it onto the field, and we may not have tried are complete hardest to win but we definitely took this weekend to have fun and do a little team bonding. The link to battlecry 2023 video can be found here!

2023 Charged Up


For Rebar's first competition at Ponaganset High School, we ended in 26th place and on the 4th seeded alliance with team 166 Chop Shop and 4101 The Bionics. The competition was our best of the season and we did well in the elimination rounds until we had an unfortunate mistake that knocked us out. Our second and last competition of the 2023 season was the WPI event. We were in 25th place at the end.  And were chosen to compete with 9405 Green Mountain Robotics and 8567 Ultraviolet. We were the 4th seeded alliance again. 

Our season may not have been as long this year as it was the year before but we still built an awesome robot and had a personal great season.

Battle Cry 2022 at WPI


Although it was technically the team's 2nd battle cry, it was a first for many of our members. By the time alliance selections rolled around on Sunday, our team had finished in 6th place out of 61 teams there- a personal season best for us! We could link this success with the many changes and additions we made between when the season ended and Battle Cry. As alliance captains, our alliance was eliminated in the first 2 of our elimination matches but that didn't stop us from making battle cries for the rest of the day. Here can be found a video for Battle Cry 2023. We are definitely looking forward to next year!

2022 Rapid React


Our team came in 13th place after being the 1st pick of alliance 7, and came home with the Rookie Inspires Award. The Rookie Inspires award is an award that celebrates a rookie team’s outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering and engineers, both within their school, as well as in their community. 

In our 2nd competition at WPI we won two awards. One being the Rookie All Star award and the other being Highest Seeded Rookie Team. After this event we qualified for district championships!

Our final competition in Springfield we left with Highest Seeded Rookie Team award. This was the district event located at the Big E venue. 

Shortly after this event our team was invited to go to World Championship in Houston, Texas. Due to lack of transportation resources and short notice we had no choice but to respectfully decline. Our team looks forward to to next year's challenge!


At Home Challenge


     Team 8544 came in 16th place within the Iron Group at the 2021 Infinite Recharge At Home Challenge with a total score of 287.23 points. We completed 3 out of 5 challenges, these being the Hyperdrive, Interstellar Accuracy, and Power Port events. 

Battle Cry 2021 at WPI

     We were more than excited to participate in our team’s first in-person competition, Battle Cry 2021, as part of our offseason. We competed with 60 teams, making it to the finals on the second day of the competition. Battle Cry was a tournament of the Infinite Recharge game, designed by FIRST. We played seven qualifier rounds, and formed an alliance with teams 694, 6153, and 5000 to play four rounds in the finals. 


Follow this link for footage of our matches at BattleCry 2021!

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