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Community Outreach

We do lots in our community. Here you can find a list of outreach we've done 

to encourage new members to join our team.

homecoming robotics.jpg

Homecoming Games

We brought our robot to the homecoming soccer games at Sutton High School in September of 2021 and 2023. Anyone who wanted to was allowed to drive, pick up cubes, and shoot balls from the robots.

Waters Farm

We attend this event every year and bring all our robots, VEX and FRC. There is always a large crowd which wants to try to drive one or two. It's always a pleasure to explain the mechanics and how things work to people of all ages.


Advisory Demos

We brought our VEX and FRC robots to demos where the middle schoolers could drive, ask questions, and sign up to join the team. We got a few new members to join. 1100 helped again by lending us robots.

Sutton 4th of July Parade

We had four robots walk in the 2022 parade with us. Two from 1100 and two from our team. We had people driving from the back of a pick-up truck and people walking next to robots driving them. After the parade, we did demos open to anyone at the center of town. For the 2024 parade we drove robots down Boston Road and held demos at the Sutton High School basketball courts for residents and none residents of all ages.


Walk Out of Darkness

Walk Out of Darkness (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention)is an event our school's community service learning club hosts each year to bring awareness to suicide and raise money which goes towards prevention. The Robotics team participated and raised over $1,500. Next year we plan to participate again and raise even more money. You can donate to the foundation using this link: 

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