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Here are some useful links:

Slack is our team collaboration site.  There are several forums and a DM system.  It is used for online team communication.  Our workspace is FRC8544


WPILIB Documentation, comprehensive information about how to build and program a robot


Visual Studio Code (VSCode) download.  This is the smart editor used for editing our code and needs to be downloaded prior to WPILIB install


WPILIB install instructions.  See one of our programmers or mentors for updated instructions.


git (version management system) documentation including comprehensive man pages and free online version of Pro Git by Scottt Chacon and Ben Straub


Github is a web based app we use for versioning control for our program(s).   The team repository is FRCTeam8544


2021 FRC Kit of Parts, parts listed by container:

Chief Delphi, online forum used by FRC teams to share information.  A great place to get answers to questions.

Button Box: how to use the Cypress PSoC to build a button box that interfaces to our code as a generic HID.   Includes pointer to flashing s/w and pre-written configuration program

Debugging: Status light definitions for robot components including many of the motor controllers

PID Control Systems: A quick overview of what a PID Control System is

Video Processing: Limelight Documentation, includes basic programming and a discussion of how to use the targeting information:

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