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About Reinforcement

Hello! We are a FIRST Robotics Team based in Sutton, Massachusetts.

In 2021, it was Sutton's first year having a team, and we worked hard to build our robot. Our robot was designed to participate in the 2021 Infinite Recharge game and At Home Skills Challenges, created by FIRST. For more information, click here. Our rookie team worked with Fusion 360 design software, programming software, and managed to begin building our robot while never meeting in person! 

In 2022, we branched out our team to more people including students from Auburn and Grafton. The team is now more than high schoolers, we are now from grades 6-12. We have just finished our on season project. Find out more here.  To see pictures from this season and last season look below! To see the robot archive click the button below. 

Details about our community Outreach can be found here

See a description of every robot we've made and games they have been in.

Pictures from our 2023 Season!

Pictures from our 2022 Season!

Pictures from our 2021 Season!

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